Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kuchh yaadein dhundhli si..

I was browsing through some of the old pics and they served exactly the purpose they are supposed to..
Every image has a story to it.. Kuchh yaadein thi jo dhundhli thi.. kuchh sapne the jo adhoore the.. (Certain blurred memories.. certain incomplete dreams..)
Primarily I was browsing through pics from Denmark visit.. and just going through the Ripley's believe it or not album, I was so touched not because of the pics but for the innumerous memories it brought of the whole Eurotrip and also certain similar incidents from recent past.

1. The dark room pic reminded me of how Avik was terrified and started shouting not to proceed any further and to go back to the entry gate rather. Well i am not boasting that I was not afraid etc etc.. in fact it indeed was pretty scary but nonetheless the way he started shouting, it was indeed an experience! :)
Then further this reminded me of a similar recent incident in Bangalore where it indeed was f**king scary.. went in there with Pooja and forget
about trying to calm her (which I did in case of Avik's incident) I, myself, was so damn scared and those a**h*les kept on increasing the intensity near the exit. Afterwards we tried to make
bakra of Rachit and Shalini but a failed attempt :(

2. It reminded me of the beautiful streams of water in Amsterdam (No connection with the images I saw but that sight was indeed heart touching). On the other hand when I tried recalling other scenic sights, none from Oslo-Bergen or Switzerland came to my mind, although I must admit those were registered as the most beautiful sights to my mind at that time.

3. Third thing I could recall was the incident where Avik slipped on an escalator going up and went up and down rolling on it with the luggage. Avik would not like it but I must tell that was hillarious!

4. was obviously the part which i probably can never forget- The trip to Rovaneimi- all alone! and the Aurora Borealis which looked something like this picture. I so hate myself till date for not having clicked one for myself!

and then it reminded me of how things have turned around in just about a couple of years.. those were the days with no major responsibilities, no pressure (European B-school education was hardly 5% as rigorous as ours in India), with all the free time in the world and extended 3-4 day long weekends.. and NOW!! it is all about handling the current pressure well to minimise the future pressure..6 day a week of office followed by the 7th day of all thinking about the office and the things to get done.. fun element reduced to ZERO and the word vacation even sounds a luxury!


Pavan Daxini said...

how about a comment from an old reader??

Anonymous said...

I love your site, but honestly tell you that you need more for him to monitor those who commented with your records

Anonymous said...

Logically, I agree

Anonymous said...

Can not vouch for all, but ...

Anonymous said...

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