Sunday, October 31, 2010

The week that was

It had been a long time since something really happening happened in my life.. but changes are for good.

I was struggling through the earlier part of the last 6 months while getting into the role while the later part was kind of boring with life getting monotonous but the last week or so was sheer brilliant. Not everything was pretty but that was definitely different.

With so many office related activities happening, I did not have any chance of going on tour so then my first tour was planned on 19th Oct.
Got my tickets booked for Jammu on 18th and the time of flight read 1400 hours in place of the usual time 1125 hours. Called up the airline to confirm the flight timings to which they confirmed 1400 hours. Fine. So the next day I went to the office thinking that I would leave the office by around 1200 hours, before I got a call from airlines at 1150 saying that the flight had already departed and I could either reschedule or claim reimbursement. That was weird!

With one day short against the original plan, I had to realign the objectives of my tour. It was interesting to see how different people perceived the process differently and it was further interesting to resolve their issues. It was wonderful meeting people resolving their issues and it felt like I was doing some real job!

The day I was supposed to fly back to Chandigarh, something similar happened as at the time of arrival. This time they called up to inform about early departure of the flight. 1550 flt was scheduled at 1400 hours this time. I called up to confirm the departure time in the morning and well not a big surprise but they themselves were confused about it. Some said 1400 some 1550 while some said it was to fly at 1500 hours. what a chaos that was!

After that it was time for 2 day Bangalore trip. The flight got delayed by 10 mins and the connecting flight had already departed at Mumbai airport. More than 10 people were flying that flight. Then there was one lady who started making an issue about the whole thing, knowing that the best alternate flight is already booked for us.. talking to her I realised she was a Punjabi pop singer-Dolly Guleria and as she told me later in the flight that she was actually going to Bangalore to perform in Vivek Oberoi's wedding! Moreover her residence is less than 100 meters from my residence.

Then there was this fun of meeting old friends- Day1 was for IIMC guys- met Vivek Chatty and Arvind Barny-no planning and total chaos was theme of the evening- went to 3 restaurants before finally having the dinner.
Day 2 was DA-IICT guys- meeting Abhishek Sharma, Saurabh Nandan (Chhotu) and Anand Agarwal- spent for most of the time waiting for Anand while we decided to just chill and relax till Anand arrives. Also met one of the college senior while roaming around in the mall.
Day 3 was again the same set of people but with a difference- this time the venue was chhotu's place. It was amazing and I hope none from my family reads what happened next! (Stupid of me for writing it and then expecting nobody to read it but anyways). It was a full on daru party with Pizza and peanuts and it got as awesome as one can expect. Definitely the most of alcohol I have ever had in one night.
Lucky for me that I could get up in the morning and could catch the flight in time.

To be Continued..

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Umesh Patil said...

it would be better if you could publish snap of your trip..
nice post..!

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