Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life mein pehli baar..

Wow! This is so incredible! Life mein sab kuchh ek baar pehli baar hota hai!

Never in my life I had thought about this. In fact, two such things happened.

1. I participated in a quiz and almost won it

2. I played for some official cricket team, practically captained it and took it till semifinals

To start with, I have hard time rattafy things and that’s why I usually suck at quizzes. I remember last year I wanted to dodge this same quiz last year but had to participate since one of the super-bosses was coming and lemme tell you I had a very hard time trying to finish that one gracefully (read- I had a very hard time saving my ass). Not to forget a passing comment (satire) by Boss when I said “Pass” and he called “Timepass”- cant forget that one! That was really embarrassing.

But, not anymore this time. We (Halla Bol) did not have a great start and Desi Cowboys took the lead in initial few rounds. But then there was the buzzer round and it brought us back in the race. By the second last round, the difference reduced to just 40 points (i.e. 2 right answers) and we were the only 2 teams left in the race. Wow! Amazing feeling. Second last round was print advertisements – Buzzer round- 8 questions. Halla Bol got 4 correct, Desi Cowboys 1 correct. Scoreline read Halla Bol 240, Desi Cowboys 220. Final round – Video Advertisements- Buzzer round- 8 questions- Gotta be tight.

If you really don’t want to spoil the fun of reading this post you would want to skip the italics. Don’t tell me I dint warn you.

So, Final round – Video Advertisements- Buzzer round- 8 questions- Gotta be tight. But wait, I don’t want to win this!! I can’t. You’d call me stupid for this but this is true. I was more afraid of winning this one than losing it and WTF I was leading the chart by 20 points with last 8 questions to go. Well, Desi Cowboys you just have to answer 2 questions correctly. It turns out it was not as simple as that. 2 questions gone, no attempts by Cowboys. It has come down to last 6 questions- either they have to get 2 correct or I have to get 3 wrongs. Cant take any chances – I have to take the initiative here. [:P]. Well as stupid as it sounds, all of it is true. Finally people saw 3 wrongs in next 5 questions and the fate was sealed. They say it right when they say, “You write your own fate” [:)].

So After final round- The score read 1. Desi Cowboys -220, 2. Halla Bol – 210, 3.TMK – 70 and we lost by a thin margin or as put best- almost won it.


Very frankly, going and playing cricket for Jammu branch was not based on cricket skills or something but was rather a mandate set by HR people suggesting that BMs and ABMs have to be in the team. While BM was the captain officially, I practically took charge of everything in the field, right from batting and bowling changes to the field placements and game strategy. It was fun. Although I have never been a great batsman or bowler (or fielder for that matter) but it was an amazing feeling to be in charge of it all and I think I did a fairly good job at it.

Well, unlike other teams who had played together during practice matches, we were seeing each other play for the first time in the match itself. As a result, nobody knew other person’s forte and style- be it batting, bowling or fielding. Infact fielding was the most difficult part. It was very important to save those extra runs by putting right people in right places. More so, when there are 2-3 people to hide in the field. In bowling, as it turns out, we had 6 bowlers on card but only 4 of them could bowl well. Batting was not that big an issue with 3 good batsmen and 2 makeshift batsmen, rest there were people like me to pitch in with a few singles if required. Anyways, why it felt more wonderful was because with a totally new team, it was like figuring out strengths and weaknesses of people with every ball. There were instructions for the bowler and fielding changes with every ball but what stood out for me was the way the whole unit stuck together. It felt like heading a true “TEAM” and the experience was totally beyond the scope of any dictionary.

Guess what, we won the first game and entered the semis for the first time ever. We lost in semis but that’s a totally different story. We could have won but there were 4 things we didn’t do right but let’s not bring those out in public here and lets end it at a positive note. J

In life there are some good experiences some bad but some of them are great because you never expected those in your life. Both the experiences mentioned above qualify for that greatness.

BTW I have a memento for both. Thanks HR guys for that.

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