Monday, March 21, 2011

Curious Case of 'Stage Fright'

As I also talked about in a post sometime back, a lot of the stuff I never thought would happen is happening. One learning from this is clearly that never try to plan your life. You will never realise when you took a diversion from the path you chose till you reach yet another landmark, which was not to come your way!

Just to put it on record, although I have made a number of stage appearances for singing as well as public speaking all throughout my life so far (and have a number of certificates and awards to boast of!) but I always had 'stage fright'. At this point of time I cant really explain how I managed nerves at those times but I just did. Be it the assembly news reading or the assembly articles/speeches in school times, the classroom presentations in DAIICT or IIM Calcutta or even the project presentations and knowledge sharing presentations in my first job, I was always nervous performing in front of larger audience thinking about whether I would be able to deliver it upto levels of expectation or not. I may even have messed it up at times. The bottomline is- I was never confident at it but just managed to sail through riding on right amount of practice.

It would probably be too soon to make a declaration that I have overcome that fear but I feel much more confident now and the transformation I have seen in myself over the last year feels amazing. Last few presentations I have made and the kind of articulation/improvisation I have been able to do in those gives me a great satisfaction at personal level. The most important part is the start of the performance- Once the start is on track, there should not be any issues going ahead. I have experienced a different kind of satisfaction after delivering last few presentations and speeches. Recent two meetings where I talked smoothly (with absolutely zero preparation) to external audiences of over 250 and 150 people each, without skipping any beats should support my claims. Not to forget managing the unrest caused by somebody else in one of these meetings - which was also called 'Most uncivilised crowd ever seen' by an uninvolved spectator.

I am sure that if you haven't met me and have known me only through this blog, you would have been carrying a different impression altogether. Same holds true for all those who have sought some advice from me for interviews. It looks so strange that the person who gives gyan to people on public speakings and on how to crack interviews, was not a confident speaker himself! Anyways it was just the same gyan which came to my rescue. Sometimes reading one's own blog helps!! :)

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