Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Ugly face of reality - Corruption

Be it sports or the corporate, be it politics or even the education, one thing which is common to all these days is "Corruption".

There was some news going around after I wasted one complete day watching the India-England WC match, which said that Shane 'Octopus' Warne had predicted the result long before the match even started. It could only mean 2 things - 1. Either Octopus gifted its power to Warne before dying or 2. Match was fixed and Shane Warne knew it [which BTW would happen if he himself is involved as well]. Everybody knows and it is irrelevant to comment on the probability of a match ending in a draw but against all odds Mr. Warne had a hunch that it was that one in a billion case and the match is going to end in a tie. Even if you look at the way players played- the field settings, the bowling spots, the batsmen shots and even the high swings in the match - all point to just one thing.

Match fixing is not something new to the cricket and frankly I am not even bothered about that but this match fixing and spot fixing is just another form of the widespread corruption, which is deteorating the value system in the country. People hardly care about its impact on the society and are just focussed on minting money for their own good. Not to offend anybody but the hard truth remains that all of us are responsible for this state of our country (and largely the world).

Hawalas, Cash changing hands, favours for cash are forms which are not new to any of our systems. Still so many deals and hawala cases are pending in various courts. Politicians take money/favours to make changes in policies and obviously cases pertaining to commissions in tenders etc. are often heard of. Corporates are not to ignored either. People try to mint company's money by channeling it to them (through hawala/Cash), without bothering about the ideal corporate approach towards a problem.

All those lectures and classes we hear about "Corporate Governance", "Ethics in Business", "Social Responsibilities" are nothing but sham.

---To be continued--
Feeling sleepy. Will try to complete it tomorrow.

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