Friday, May 06, 2011

Ek raasta hai zindagi..

There is an old Shashi Kapoor song-
Ek raasta hai zindagi.. jo tham gaye to kuchh nahin..

B4U music was playing the song this morning.. heard it after a long time and never before I had realised the depth in thoughts behind lyrics of the song! Such a beautiful composition and such a wonderful analogy!!

Just think of life like a highway.. You dont know the end point but what you know is that as much farther you keep on going, the scenery gets better, the climate gets better and it gets more and more enjoyable as you go along. You only have limited time and hence, you try to move faster. From time to time, there are side roads and deviations on the road - You don't know whether it would be a shortcut or a longer one, you also dont know if the journey on that road be more enjoyable or less but still you are faced with a decision to make- whether to take deviation or continue on the same road.

The highway is your life.. the more you slog the more money you can earn (Yes it is about the money most of the times) and more equipped you are to enjoy life.. so you run faster to cover more distance in lesser time..
The deviations are the career choices you make, about which you dont know if those would be right or not but you have to make those decisions.

Most of the times in your life, you strive to do better in your life and you put in efforts to get there. You make sacrifices (of not enjoying the ride in present) believing that better moments would come in the future.

Ye kadam kisi muqaam pe jo tham gaye to kuchh nahin..
Everybody has a different threshold and people set different targets where they would stop on the highway and enjoy the ride. There are small villages on the way where they sing and dance like in Bollywood movies but you skip most of those for the item number by Yana Gupta!! Some settle for Munni some for Sheila while some even for Razia

Nobody knows whats there at the end of the road.. it is the journey that matters not the end.
The fun of life is not in achieving everything but in enjoying and celebrating what you have achieved before you get on to the next milestone!

~~Written in a hurry (in 5 mins).. Needs editing~~
~Sorry if it sounds total arbit! [:P]

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Anonymous said...

Awesome brother

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