Friday, October 14, 2011

Unsuccessful attempt at creating history

Everybody loves to create a history! .. Right?
More so for good reasons :)

I wanted to, my boss wanted to and there were some others who wanted to! And guess what, this time we thought we even had an idea to make that happen.

The idea obviously had a number of assumptions and to test those hypotheses and assumptions was the first thing, we got on to. We initiated a market research for the purpose and the research findings added to the excitement until this morning, when the world turned upside down. Out of the listed 18 hypothesis, 17 were showing hints of being valid and the overall picture seemed rosy! Everybody was excited! I, for that matter, had even gone to the next level and had started thinking about details on execution of the project! 

But that was not what universe wanted :) [ It is damn easy to put all the blame of your failure to universe without feeling bad about it ;) ]

As it turned out, something which we thought was a given information and not an assumption turned out to be incorrect and the whole premise of the new business idea got lost. 
Now looking back, it looks silly to have assumed something like that and to have it assumed as a 100% correct information was a blunder.

Anyways, it has reignited the spark of doing something great in the minds of a lot of people and lets hope that most do that.

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