Monday, January 23, 2012

Choose to be an Optimist

If there is one most important thing I have learnt in my life, it is indeed the Power of Positive Thinking.
Almost a decade back, my father gave a book to me and forced me to read through every page of it (otherwise I am lazy enough not to read anything) but I must acknowledge that my attitude towards life changed on that particular day. I learnt to live.

But as most of the other things go, it is much difficult to practice Positive Thinking than to preach it. And I have experienced it a number of times in my short life. It is much convenient to choose the option of pessimism over optimism - Human Nature!

Ask it for yourself - What do you choose in your day-to-day life
Do you whine every morning for the work you do at office or do you think of the opportunities to learn new things?
Do you crib about your boss's attitude or do you believe that you control your life?
Do you shout at your subordinates just for the heck of it or do you take time to teach them the right ways?
Do you question your existence from time to time or do you believe the dreams you saw in your school/college days can still be achieved?
... and the list can go on forever..
You got the drift! It is not your fault that you think that ways, this is just how our brain/heart function.
Most of the times, we do not even realize that the choice was there and our subconscious makes the default choice.

Remember the sequence from the Bollywood movie '3 Idiots' where Rancho (Aamir) describes the watchmen incident to Raju (Sharman) and Farhan (Madhavan), and establishes how much we fear and how easily we can fool ourselves out of it (just by saying the words 'Aal izz well', in that case). Well that was not just a stunt in the movie, it actually works.

Clearly the first step is to acknowledge the fact that you always have a choice. Next you have to start recognizing the available choices each time, which believe me - is not going to be as easy as it may sound. 80% of the total problem is inability to identify and recognize the options. But once you know your choices, you know you can choose one and you feel empowered. Believe me, nobody in this will ever let you make decisions unless you yourself are ready to make them.

As Uncle Ben (from Spiderman) would have said "With great power comes great responsibility". While choosing the positive choice would take you places, a conscious negative choice could make things worse. Choose to be an Optimist.

Eventually, when practiced for long, your subconscious also gets trained to make right choices! 
Simple funda to make your life beautiful! Just choose to be an Optimist!

"Ever wondered the secret behind smiles of successful people"

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Anonymous said...

This is so true. Very well written my friend.

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